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Our Fees

We pride ourselves on being able to offer great advice at a reasonable price. Please shop around, look at our competitors, and see if our experience and price fit your needs. 


(in $CAD)

Initial Consultation - each

This consultation will go over the basics of your situation, and lay out a strategy for you moving forward- whether or not that involves renunciation. If you choose to go ahead, the $315 will be credited towards your final bill.


US Renunciation - legal

Once you make the decision to renounce, we fill out the paperwork, and counsel with you. We advise you regarding the best strategies for working with the US State Department to renounce your US Citizenship.


US Renunciation - tax

We take a comprehensive review of your tax situation. If there are unfilled, or incorrect returns, we will assist you in correcting them. We also take a second look at all filed returns to ensure accuracy. We also file your final US resident income tax return, as well as all tax paperwork relating to renunciation.  


* Although this is generally the price, there may be situations where the price may increase. Some examples include sophisticated investment structures, ownership in large or complex foreign corporations, or other more complex, less frequent situations. 

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