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02. Tax

The greatest hazard relating to renunciation stems from the tax code.

As the years have progressed, the US government has gradually made it more challenging to give up your US citizenship. 

The US government uses the IRS as the preferred means to make it difficult for people to renunciate. 

With a former IRS agent in your corner; you can have the peace of mind that if any issues come up- it will be handled in the most advantageous way possible for you

US Tax Resources will take an in-depth view of the last five years of your tax returns, as well as any additional foreign reporting you may have filed. If you have any unfilled returns, or other types of foreign reporting outstanding, US Tax Resources will work with you to get caught up- the right way.

When you have your tax matters in order, US Tax Resources will file your final tax return with the accompanying forms relating to renunciation. 

 I would like to talk to someone about my tax situation. 

Book an appointment.

US Tax Resources will provide a 30 minute zoom-conference call with you to go over your tax situation, and discuss if renunciation is right for you. 

The cost to speak with Ian is also $315 (gst included) and if you choose to retain us, the $315 will be credited towards your final bill. 

Please click below to set up an appointment. 

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